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English | May 5, 2016 | ASIN: B01ES42C1I | [email protected] kbps | 13 hours | 354 MB

Narrator: Daniel Weyman | Genre: Thriller/Espionage

Moskva is a brilliantly written, chilling and sophisticated début serial killer thriller set in Cold War Moscow. Makes Kolymsky Heights look like a walk in Gorky Park.

Red Square, 1985. The naked body of a young man is left outside the walls of the Kremlin: frozen solid – like marble to the touch – and missing the little finger from his right hand.

A week later Alex Marston, the headstrong 15-year-old daughter of the British ambassador, disappears. Army intelligence officer Tom Fox, posted to Moscow to keep him from telling the truth to a government committee, is asked to help find her. It`s a shot at redemption. But Russia is reluctant to give up the worst of her secrets.

As Fox`s investigation sees him dragged deeper towards the dark heart of a Soviet establishment determined to protect its own, so his fears grow, with those of the girl`s father, for Alex`s safety. And if Fox can`t find her soon, she looks likely to become the next victim of a sadistic killer whose story is bound tightly to that of his country`s terrible past….

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