Principles of Coordination Polymerisation

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by Witold Kuran

English | 2001 | ISBN: 0470841419 | 522 pages | PDF | 2.43 MB

The first all-inclusive text covering coordination polymerisation, including important classes of non-hydrocarbon monomers. Charting the achievements and progress in the field, in terms of both basic and industrial research, this book offers a unified and complete overview of coordination polymerisation.

* Provides detailed description of the historical development of the subject

* Presents a unified view of catalysis, mechanisms, structures and utility

* Encourages learning through a step-by-step progression from basic to in-depth text

* Features end-of-chapter exercises to reinforce understanding

* Offers a full bibliography and comprehensive literature review

Requisite reading for research students studying introductory and advanced courses in; polymer science, catalysis and polymerisation catalysis, and valuable reference for researchers and technicians in industry.

Download Principles of Coordination Polymerisation

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